Catering Services

Euclid, OH

What do you look for when selecting catering services for your event? Experience? Versatility? Repertoire? Vienna Market has it all. We are great with food and with people, and we have about 65 years in the food business to show for it. Different events call for different types of catering services. Sometimes it could be a corporate event or business meetings where your success hinges on ensuring your guests are entertained, and most importantly well fed. Other times, it could be that your daughter is getting married. Our catering services can make the day memorable with a fine selection of food items.

Whatever event you are having, Vienna Market can provide catering services that will cater for all plates and palates. It begins with you working out a menu. It doesn't matter if you haven't fleshed out all the items that you would like on the menu. Our chefs are among the best in the business in the Euclid, OH area, and have many satisfied clients under their belt. Their careful selection of ingredients ensures that only the freshest, meatiest and tastiest make it to their kitchen tables. So, if you need some help compiling a menu, talk to them and they will be glad to help. They not only know how to make great food but also tailor the food to the tempo and purpose of the occasion. Feel free to talk to us to begin planning your occasion.

We are well represented in Euclid, OH and throughout the Cleveland area. All our stores are conveniently located throughout Cleveland. You can find our delis on Turney Road, St Clair Avenue and Broadway Avenue. The Broadway Avenue deli opens at 9:30 am while the other two open from 10:00 am. You can make your order from any of the places above. Let's make your event memorable with our catering services.